Franki Kaneur is back with groovy single “At The Wheel”. After taking a six month creative hiatus, Franki has found her artistic direction. Franki was raised in Byron Bay, a town full of vibrant music and home to artists ‘Iggy Azalea’ and buzzing pop punk heart-throb and Franki’s longtime friend ‘May-a’.

“At The Wheel” starts off with very infectious vocals and a head bobbing beat. The soft flow of the song truly take over your headspace causing you to truly feel her emotion. She has the creative intuition to cross through all elements of pop music as shown in previous songs such as “Boring” and “You Hate Me and I love It“. Franki explains, “At the wheel is about all the conscious decisions you make that may make sense at the time but in hindsight they leave you wondering who even made those decisions.”

Franki has grown a very intimate fanbase, with a large LGBTQ+ following due to her inclusivity and nature. Franki still holds it down while working at a retail fashion store. She deserves all the success coming her way, be on the look for Franki Kaneur in 2021!

Listen to “At The Wheel” Below.

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