Natalie Carr Rises To Stardom With Scrapped Knees Music Video

Natalie Carr is always an artist that keeps the entertainment level on a high keeping her fans interested 24/7 for what is next. As she continues to prove the talent she has in singing, this music video shows the extension of her talent while she was the helping hand in direction and creative direction she also edited the entire music video, as it goes along with her whole aesthetic being rough around the edges but if you look deeply in the music video, you can see the goofy and fun side of Natalie as she genuinely enjoys what she does.

While the beginning of the music video goes along with the lyrics of the song, as she walks into the shoot an hour late as her team seems upset. You will hear the line in the song “myself improvement ran its course, I’m married to the bathroom floor” you can always feel the emotion in Natalie’s music, which I think is something that stands out for her. All of her music has a deep meaning where a lot of people can make an attachment too as some people maybe be going through similar situations. Next time you listen to Natalie’s music pay more attention to the lyrics, she keeps putting out amazingly put-together songs. Stay tuned!

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