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Nebraska Native “Wildo” Opens Opportunities With “I’ve Had Enough”

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska. Wildo has been breaking boundaries with his recent single “I’ve Had Enough”. Being currently based in Orlando, Florida. Wildo caught my attention with his sense of independence and a clean branding for himself, over the past year he has generated over 120k streams over all major platforms nearly breaking 1k monthly listeners. 

Just yesterday I came across the official video for “I’ve Had Enough” being set in a completely white background the video concept of a live performance transitioning back and forth into an eerie mirror scene. From what I’m understanding the whole plot of the song could be a form of self evaluation. Wildo has been dealing with his own irrational decisions whether or not he’s going to take himself serious aside from being an artist but overall to help benefit himself in the long run, finally reaching a turning point Wildo strapped himself in and had a beat sent to him produced by “6kid” he felt as if this song could help release his repressed emotions. 

Shortly after recording the track Wildo decided to make a short preview clip on Tiktok help decide whether or not he should drop his most recent recorded track. to his surprise the video struck over 17k views and he felt as if he needed to release this single as soon as possible. 

kindly shared by Wildo himself, his only goal with this song is to help people get through similar situations as he has had in the past. it’s important to remind yourself that you aren’t alone just surround yourself with positive thinking and strive to be as perfect as you can be.

Check out the video down below!

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