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You’ve Heard of Hyperpop… But Have You Heard of Hypercountry? – the 101 on hoepless and #hypercountry

The term Hypercountry was first coined by hoepless between the 27th and 28th of June 2021.

As written on Wikipedia… “Hyperpop is a loosely-defined music movement and microgenre characterized by a maximalist or exaggerated take on popular music…”

Wow, a definition – yet all the same, this has clearly been the trend behind many up-and-coming talents thus far within this magically delicious year of music for 2021. Now is where the true story begins: What does this have to do with an artist that spells “hopeless” wrong? Here we go..!

“hoepless,” aka Tyler Rini, is a 19-year-old, September-born artist hailing out of little-known Lincoln City, Oregon. His first concert had been an “American Idol” show back in 2012, and music would integrate its place into his life in a mad scientist kind of way from then on. This artist has a knack for delivering the most fine-tuned and inventive samples of his abilities all over SoundCloud and expanding to popular streaming services such as Spotify. The quantity of work is unmatched, and he mixes his lyrics in like a carefully crafted potion of poppy modernity. His latest releases go by the names of:

“riptide” – emotionally driven subtly Screamo blend.

“d!rtf!eld” – which honestly encompasses the essence of the Hyperpop itself.

& Most importantly … the very first Hypercounrty song EVER “pills on a farm.”

Before we get into much more, let’s get to know the creative mind that cranks out THC-infused, mesmerizing music from “The Beaver State.” An elaborate Q&A follows…

Question1 – How did you come up with the name “hoepless?”

Answer1 – hoepless: “The name ‘hoepless’ was created about 4-5 years ago, I was going through a rough break up and came to realization that ‘these hoes are hopeless.’ Kind of just fit I guess…”

Q2 – Which artist do you look up to most in the industry?

A2 – hoepless: “I look up to mainly people I’m surrounded by in the scene. I mean, I like bigger artists but, the people I’m surrounded with inspire me every day. But I could pick one artist, it would be @ilyaxhes.

Q3 – How do you decide what to name a song?

A3 – hoepless: “I kind of just, pick one or two random words in the song, or just come up with a completely random title that catches the eye.”

Q4 – Favorite strain of Marijuana and why?

A4 – hoepless: “I smoke a lot, probably closer to half oz a day. But out of one of the strains, I’d definitely say ‘Chocolate Hashberry’ is my top favorite… Very subtle indica.”

Q5 – Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle and why?

A5 – hoepless: “Squirtle, ‘cause I think he’s mad underrated. Plus, he mad cute, Ima need his number.”

Q6 – Define Hyperpop in your own words – & elaborate on if its development has any affects on your current musical process?

A6 – hoepless: “To be honest, Hyperpop isn’t as crazy as people make it seem. Sure, it’s a super-electro molly-rave type genre, but when you make a Hyperpop song, you don’t have to hold yourself to a certain criterion. Like, sure… the glitches and shit are hard to mix and it’s hard to find a right sound… but in all reality, you can fuck up. It’ll easily go unnoticed; a part of the reasons I love making Hyperpop.”

“It’s definitely been a huge career booster in my opinion. I’ve made so many more connections through the Hyperpop Community… made so many friends, some I can call family. I feel like I’m more confident when I make Hyperpop vs other genres like ‘Punk Rock.’ When you feel more confident, you push better content… and when you push better content, you expand. I think a lot of people in the scene can agree.”

Q7 – …if Hyperpop didn’t exist, what would you do or create instead?

A7 – hoepless: “If Hyperpop didn’t exist, I feel like I would still be in a deeper depression to be honest. It brings out the joy & hype in others. When other people are hyped, that hypes you… makes you feel good about yourself knowing you can actually make content people can enjoy. Other genres tend to pull on your heartstrings sometimes, Hyperpop ‘can’ do that, but only so much sad emotion. It’s all love and hype wit da Hyperpop. (For real) If it didn’t exist though, I’d definitely be going with some ‘Travis Barker, Linkin Park’-type shit. Punk Rock, but more on the hype side… love me some punk rock.”

Thus, you heard it here first! You can make minor mistakes and have success within the Hyperpop soundscape. Hyperpop + Country on the other hand, it deserves a fitting name such as “Hypercountry.” Grooverelly and the entire writing staff here put pride and dedication in finding the most hidden gems and underground sensations first. It is safe to say, just as one of hoepless’s lyrics in the fresh-pressed, posted on SoundCloud June 27th, Hypercountry banger “pills on a farm”“American Flag tatted across my back…” hoepless puts every track on his back. Discover, listen and enjoy the unapologetic and angelic vocals while you venture through his newest concoctions. All three of his latest tracks are linked below. Follow on Instagram @luvhoepless for the most up-to-date news. #staytuned.


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