Lil Story Comes Back For A Double Take

Lil Story brings out the new summer feel with this single as everything opens up around the majority of the world. These lyrics start to stand out a little more to me walking through the club. As this fellow writer is from Canada we are still slow in the process of opening up but this is like the light at the end of the tunnel. A majority of songs that are coming out as the weather is warming up we are given a large list of songs that are your typical upbeat summer sound, but these songs have been hitting different recently. Is it because of the situation? I wouldn’t put it all against that. As Lil Story and the producer of this song Perish Beats, crushed it with this single as some of my favorite songs from Lil Story are this vibe, the first one that comes to mind of his, is Sunshine. One of my personal favorites from this artist is the first song that popped into my head when I played this. Recently he has been on a streak of music, is he going to carry on this streak and dropping his new evolved music? Let’s find out!

Listen To Double Take Below

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