Weather Warming Up As Is Nxvrous Dropping Chitown Weather With Champ T!

We are getting deeper into June, as the weather continues to become more beach weather. Nrxvous comes out by giving us this gift with Champ T. Working with his normal side kick Jacob Lincoln as the producer. We are giving a guitar bounce, as Nrxvous lays down his greatest hook he has dropped yet, tagged along with a feature from Champ T where he snaps, with a perfect blend it makes you stop and listen trying to figure out who these two are. Well let’s just say you are missing out, as these 2 growing artists have been on the rise with the recent release. As Nxrvous as continued to drop singles after singles. As he first got on Grooverelly for Over, since then we have had Lock, I Need You and then he tagged up with Kodiak spiking his most played song, as he sits at 18,000 for Untiled Luv Featuring Kodiak and 10,000 for Over. Now will Chitown Weather surpass both of his top played singles? Absolutely, as this is dropped at such a perfect time. These 2 blended perfectly, as it is a longer song being at 3:48 seconds the hooks Nrxvous laid out on top of Champ T flowing as much as he did. They keep the entertainment level high. These two I shouldn’t even have to say keep an eye out, because if you don’t you are already missing out.

Listen To “Chitown Weather” Below!

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