DED STARK Drops Unique Animated Music Video For RUNAWAY

Wow, I haven’t written about DED STARK since I first started writing at Grooverelly. Well, let us dig into another music video from this artist. The last time I wrote about DED STARK it was for his album STARK STASH: VOLUME ONE. After this article, DED STARK and I sparked up a conversation just talking about his music and the article. Then I realized how serious he loves his music. How passionate he is about his career. This artist wants nothing else besides becoming an artist. The dedication he has and the work he puts in. He never stops, in 2021 we have been given content after content from him.

With this Animated Music Video on a channel that has shown him love before DarkTones. Typically an AMV music video but they also put music videos on their platform. DED STARK obviously not only created the song but also created the animation that went on the page. Everything about this was controlled by him, from producing to mixing to the animation.

With this 2:00 minute track, he fits it perfectly, as the hook is very repetitive but because the time length is the right amount of time it works well. It doesn’t seem repetitive because of the length of the song. It has the listeners get it stuck in their heads, having the chance for them to be able to sing along easily. DED STARK is always releasing something so make sure to keep tabs on him because he always has something ready for his fans.

Watch music video for “RUNAWAY” below.

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