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Louie Duffelbags of Danger Incorporated releases new solo project “Hymns”

May 4, 2021 – Louie Duffelbags, one-half of Atlanta-based music duo Danger Incorporated, released an incredibly well put together album titled Hymns. Danger Inc. has been releasing music steadily since 2016 with the release of their album Are You Afraid of the Danger Boys? and most recently their 2020 album Hackers of the World Unite. While Louie’s newest offering isn’t his first attempt at making solo music, it is certainly his best and most cohesive release to date.

Much of Danger Incorporated’s music is futuristic-sounding, full of weird and distorted 808’s. With this release, Duffelbags has truly tapped into a different side of himself musically and gave us a record full of acoustic sounds.

This new album from Duffelbags, born Austin Peacock, is full of acoustic melodies that pair beautifully with his voice. With 18 new songs, there are even 4 tracks featuring his longtime music partner Boothlord, that essentially feel like new Danger Inc. songs. This project brings innovative instrumentals like on Habits, genre bending melodies like on Fantastic with Boothlord, and incredible imagery through his lyrics like on the songs Remember and Hole. There is a guitar solo on the song You Called It that hits home especially hard as his music abilities seem to be on full display on this record. 

Duffelbags continues to progress with each release that I hear from him and Hymns is certainly no exception. While albums from Danger Inc. give off a great balance of softer melodies and vocals from Louie juxtaposed perfectly against the grittiness of Boothlord’s abrasive delivery, his solo work projects a new artist that at the same time is very familiar. This album shows the tremendous amount of energy and effort that went into completing it. Every track offers something different and interesting and each time I listen to it I find something unique that I appreciate.

Hymns is out now, available everywhere.

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