347aidan Drops Powerful Message and New Music Video “WHEN THE DEVIL CRIES”

Toronto-based artist 347aidan drops a music video alongside his new single WHEN THE DEVIL CRIES. He also dropped alongside his music video was a POWERFUL message to give to his fans and anyone who comes across it. When he was on the rise 347 has always been on the grind for raising the awareness of mental health. Working with Happiness Project, and now dropping this message letting people know how he is growing as a person and starting the quick video off he states.

Have you ever thought about how every human has this endless list of personalities that they can switch on the daily? Like depending who you are talking too, we naturally switch our personality.

Continuing to discuss how some people may be insecure or depressed but it is all just one piece to the puzzle. You may have some days where you are angry for no reason but remember it is all just a piece to the puzzle. You get to control the pieces and where they go.

Giving his fans a load of content with his music video next, as he goes on a show to perform his new song in the video with “Late Night with Dontai”. Having what seems to look like a different personality follows Aidan around, as what seems to be the dark side that we all have. With Aidan continuously bringing a new projection with his voice. With a very raw vocal chain being thrown at your face as the heavy kicks hit behind. He keeps the catchy melodies with each song. It is always interesting seeing what Aidan drops as he always carries such a powerful message behind him.


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