AG Club Drops Powerful Music Video for “UGUBRU”

This Bay Area group is rising to be one of the next Hip Hop greatest groups, as we always love and support the talent through the entire group like we did Brockhampton. but AG Club comes at you with some heavy vibes similar to Brockhampton, carrying themselves with confidence. AG Club comes back with a new music video for UGUBRU, right after dropping their single with redveil and Sam Truth called “Truth”. They continue to work with Sam having the video directed by 777media having a deep storyline behind this video. With them starting to run their block, going from robbing convenient stores to running an underground fight club, they get moved to a military camp. Switching their flows with each member of the group having their time to shine and spitting each different type of style from Baby Boy, to Jody and having Sam Truth with his moment

After AG Club gaining a large amount of attraction from their recent album “Half Off The Porch” in 2020. With the outstanding track of Memphis, gaining 7,000,000 listens, then having NLE Choppa jump on the remix. AG Club continues to show that they will be with some of the great Hip Hop groups, and they will continue to grow through this year. If I had to make a list of artists I want to see once shows open up, AG is at the top of that list.

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