killmesumday combines Emo and Digicore with Elegance and Ease

We’ve all been there in some shape or form… Staring at a ceiling fan after hearing awful news or being tragically stricken with paralyzing emotions. Well, imagine taking that moment and pouring a Red Bull on it – that is the feeling you receive with Long Beach, NY native killmesumday’s first album uploaded to Spotify. The project goes by the title “Kingdom To My Heart” and metaphorically transports you through a jungle of doubt and anxious moments in life. “killmesumday” equipped an all-star cast of talented underground artists to include in order of appearance: kennedyxoxo, ashes., noahmadethiss, Sace 6, ovrwrld, Kenny Orlando, POPSTARBILLS, & SINNERSDEDX for the innovative release.

The curation process for this album took killmesumday about three months in total having to rely on his network. He entrusted the large majority of production to noahmadethiss then bonus track with @k0mpl3x, as he dealt with having too much sauce and sadness. This album is eloquently the ideal introduction for new ears to Digicore as it is graced with an Emo essence in appealing sonic harmony. The only way to begin describing killmesumday’s sound is if you took equal parts of hellogoodbye and The Used, then topped it with a glitchy nature similar only to glaive. The song “KEYBLADE” truly defines the albums creative fuel and drives the Kingdom Hearts inspired artwork designed by @pikachu_tears further. Ultimately, killmesumday and his album deserves your attention. Tell them Grooverelly sent you! #staytuned.


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