hyperpop’s prince ericdoa releases visuals to “deep end”

ericdoa is a rising artist that has no boundaries with his sound and creativity. “deep end” is a record off Eric’s album COA that was released in November. The video to “deep end” was brought to life by Arizona based creative visual group Overcast. If you’re a frequent reader of Grooverelly or have any knowledge of underground music, you know Overcast. It seems like every rising artist in the scene has a video with them. Their videos have increasingly gotten better whether it be production quality or scene layout. 

In “deep end” Eric and Overcast crew are all shown wearing bunny ears and many wearing wigs. The set of the video takes place on a tennis court, Eric and friends are playing a game of magical dodgeball. The animations of everyone throwing dodgeballs was phenomenal. The video is filled with color and brain-frying graphics. “deep end” and songs off of Eric’s album are about an ex that he can’t get over – this ex really took a toll on Eric. “deep end” is definitely a song where Eric switches up his flow and shows us that he can rhyme/rap. Looking forward to what Eric creates next and hopefully we see another collaboration with Overcast in the future. 

Watch “deep end” below. 

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