Meet artist Roy Daytona.

22 year old Philadelphia based artist “Roy Daytona” drops a few new tracks we thought you should be aware of. First in line is his new age electronic hype-pop vibe “HOWUBEEN” produced by SurfGang member “TOMMY2HOTTY”. Together they teamed up to put their spin on this unique and growing sound. And as you can probably tell Roy’s early influences came from the likes of many 2000 emo bands (MCR, Hawthorne Heights). He also draws inspiration from hip hop listening to artists like Lil Tracy, Fantasy Camp & 2kthagoon. In his latest release “Escape The Fate” he continues to use the vocalized sounds and influences to blend together for a sound that is a sort of new wave hype-pop track. With this style growing daily and new listeners constantly searching for this type of music Roy’s chance to grow has never been bigger.


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