Hotelroom – Main Attraction ft. Chris Rose (Music video sneak peek)

This born and raised Detroit artist Hotelroom was around the success at an early age as he was a Hollywood actor at a very young age, then ending up going to college. Deciding that wasn’t the scene for him and he wanted to chase his dream of becoming an artist as he drops out of college. Having a successful year in 2020 with 1,000,000 organic streams across all platforms he is ready to step it up in 2021 starting with a single Main Attraction. Having Chris Rose jump on the production of this song. Having the helping hand of Andrew Dawson is best known for the work on some of Kanye West discography.

This rising artist self produces, mixes/masters, and does the creative side of his album covers and the direction all himself. This being a huge benefit as I have mentioned in articles before, this gives you all the power to create the sound YOU want and not having to go in between a middle man. With the new music coming soon (trailer below) You will have a lot coming from this artist, expect to see a lot more content from Hotelroom.

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