lael – im all alone (Music Video)

If you have not heard the name Lael Hansen, a lot of these reaction channels for the Hip-Hop genre look up to Lael. As they were probably quite shocked to hear what happened next. From making all her social media private, deleting her YouTube content, and disappearing from everything. If you have read articles written by me before, I talk a lot about mental health and its importance. If you have not known of the situation going on with Lael recently, let me break down what I know. She deleted all her content and disappearing from all social platforms, which led to a growing concern for her well-being. As this may have been caused from her mental health this break that she took is completely understandable. From recent information from the reaction pages across YouTube, many people came across that, Lael has changed the error message from her website to include “im all alone”. Which most people brought up a concern about this, she then premiered her music video for “im all alone”. A lot will first hear this and may question Lael Hansen turning into an artist? Well, it’s a perfect fit, if you are a fan of Billie Eilish.

You’ll be falling in love with the similar production and emotion Lael Hansen brings to the table with this hard-hitting music video. It did put a lot of concerning questions into the fans of Lael Hansen, as the storyboard of the music video has her burying herself in a grave. Is this herself burying her old self? Is this her screaming she is stuck and been struggling? The best thing to do as a supporter of Lael Hansen is to be patient, accept that just like herself, many people are going through something and, no one knows what is going on in someone else’s life. All I know is from the first glimpse, I hope we can have more of Lael Hansen as an artist.

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