404Vincent & LocateEmilio – I’m So Stressed

The powerhouse duo of 404Vincent the Ottawa based artist, and LocateEmilio Bay Area based artist, come back to start the year off strong. Dropping I’m So Stressed. With these two creating many slept on tracks including Passive, Back, Extra, and Nervous. The new single was brought, with a different energy. The produced track from CAMP and co-produced by 404Vincent. With the crazy bounce, the way 404 has his vocals panning and thrown at your face. Joined with LocateEmilio verse with the clever lyrics to wipe out everyone’s stress and keep this song on repeat. If you have not heard of Locate from either. His Elevator music video: Having come across any of his streaming platforms. You will hear a lot more of his name this year. Talent will not go missed. Every time the song comes on, I cannot resist but put this 2-minute energy ball on repeat. This only being the start for these talented artists, just to grab everyone’s attention to let them know who is coming up next this year.

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