Juice WRLD & Young Thug team up on “Bad Boy”

Juice WRLD’s final video. It feels a bit weird to even say that, even with Juice WRLD gone; we have been filled with his energy and content throughout social media. Watching Juice WRLD come to stardom has been an absolute dream. Juice WRLD has influenced millions of kids in all aspects of life, he was a good role model and human being. Think about how many careers have been started because of Juice WRLD, his aura made people want to be him. 

The video was an absolute movie, Cole Bennet has built himself the biggest video company in music. Lyrical Lemonade has changed the way we digest music. The video starts with an inspirational Juice WRLD voice over. Juice WRLD says, “And make sure you know that we all human beings, we all on the same Earth, so with that being said, you can achieve anything if not more than what you see other people achieving. And that’s facts.” After that quote, the song’s intro plays and that beat just overwhelms you. Then, we see Juice and Young Thug hop out and perform. Pi’erre Bourne went in on the production and made sounds that we don’t hear a lot. 

Juice WRLD sings, “Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, I’m a bad boy”. This line references the 1995 action and comedy film Bad Boys, which starred Will Smith as Mike Lowrey and Martin Lawrence as Marcus Burnett. The locations in the video were picked with great consideration. Juice and Thug hop into their pimped out hoopty whip to meet their associates at a warehouse. The next shot is of Juice and Young Thug in a warehouse and there seems to be an infinite amount of pallets filling the background. The clip is filled with menacing-looking figures wearing horror film like makeup. 

The end shot shows Young Thug pouring gasoline on the ground and then sparking the gas! The VFX was movie quality. When the gas was lit; the trail of gas went up in inferno, almost like lava flowing through a crack. The purge looking people in the background go up in flames and Juice and Thug walk out like nobody’s business. Juice was just getting started, this all happened so quick. Artists need years to develop into the superstars that they were meant to be. Juice has left a legacy on a generation of kids that needed him most and will forever be a part of creating a new sound. 

Watch “Juice WRLD – Bad Boy ft. Young Thug” below. 

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