Who is Chauncey666?

Chauncey is a 22-year-old native American rapper coming out of Minnesota is currently going viral on tiktok with track "BXMB THREAT"

Chauncey666 is a 22-year-old native American rapper coming out of Minnesota. I have been following him ever since I found him on crybox, they posted his song “PUNKASS (ft. NEVER!)”. Chauncey is for the underground and loves his fans. He has built a very loyal fanbase and truly cares about them. His sound is making waves on TikTok and is catching the ears of label A&R personnel. Similar artists to him are lil darkie, Afourteen, and MADJAX. They all have a headbanging – throw everything in your room sound….

One thing that caught me was Chauncey’s cover arts. His art to the viral song, “BXMB THREAT” is very interesting, to say the least. “BXMB THREAT” has been gaining tens of thousands of videos on TikTok with the biggest emo influencers using the sound. Chauncey lets it all out on this song. The part of the sound that is going viral is when Chauncey screams, “SIX SIX SIX MY WRIST IS ICED UP… SIX SIX SIX MY WRIST IS SLICED UP… COME HERE LIL BITCH LET ME FUCK MY LIFE UP… COME HERE LIL BITCH LET ME FUCK YOUR LIFE UP… FUCK YOU FUCK ME…FUCK THIS FUCK THAT… FUCK LIFE FUCK RAP….”. 

Chauncey is going viral for this screamo sound but that isn’t all he makes. Two months ago Chauncey released “Sun gazeR”. A slow chill song with a beat that is much different than the sound people are finding him from. This is what separates Chauncey from every other artist, he is very versatile and makes the type of music he wants. He has collaborations with popular producer triplesixdelete on some of his scream rap tracks, my favorite collab they did was on “k hole”. 

After talking with Chauncey, I realized just how good of a person he was. He has a passion to talk about social injustices and strives to be an advocate for others. I am very excited to keep digging through his catalog and we at grooverelly are ready to write for his next song!

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