Shrimp unveils visuals to “this body means nothing to me”

Shrimp releases visuals to hit song "this body means nothing to me"

Shrimp is an artist that has been on my radar for a long time. The first time I heard this song back in August of 2019 I knew it was going straight to my playlist. Shrimp’s airy vocals and beautiful voice entranced me. Tommy (shrimp) talks about the depressing days of not knowing himself. He discusses in his lyrics how he wants to see the world in a different viewpoint than his own. I believe a lot of times as listeners we often look over the fact that these artists are talking about the evil shit that goes on in their head. You can hear Tommy crying out for help but is hopeless about pushing on. 

He sings, “Feels like i’m standing on the outside… Looking in… And I know this body’s not mine”. The world he’s in doesn’t feel real and is sickening to him. His fanbase is very strong and loyal because people can relate to him. I’ve talked to many people that listen to Shrimp and they all use his music as a way of coping.

When I watched the video, I got a very unsettling feeling and anxiety watching it. After I watched it a few times, I felt at peace again – letting Tommy’s vocals take over. The visuals reminded me of a horror movie. There are black and white shots of Tommy covered in ants! This video is something out of a nightmare, Tommy literally shoots himself in the head. The directors Dante and Aaron really showed us the mindset Shrimp was in creating this song. This is a must watch video.

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