E-Fests are Making a Return With House Rules

With Covid- 19 running rampant and venues still closed the return of E-fest are a necessity to keep us all sane. In response to this the minds of Hofstra Startups and Gold Link Global have set up House Rules, a two day Discord E-Fest being headlined by Sadboyprolific on day one and Biteki on day two. It is also extremely noteworthy that this is Biteki’s first ever set, Yes the Youtube promoter and Head of the Biteki collective. Not only are we getting 6 hours of some of the biggest names and most noteworthy names in the underground but also some surprises along the way such as comedy sets and commentary from Auras, Pyro, Frank, and Tyquavious, the hosts of this legendary event. I know we all have pent up mosh rage so why not join the the virtual mosh chat and go crazy in Hofstra’s biggest show yet to some of the best sets the underground has to offer.

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