Chicago native MISSMEALEX releases an apologetic single with sorry

Chicago native MISSMEALEX is back with an apologetic new single sorry. On this song, ALEX attempts to be open and vulnerable with a mix of singing and crooning over an acoustic guitar-laced instrumental. I very much enjoy the airy feeling that this instrumental gives and it plays well with his vocal performance. His chorus sounds of someone stuck in a post-relationship setting, longing for his person lost. This emotion and power comes across very well with not only his lyric choice, but also his tone and inflection as well.

MISSMEALEX is coming back from his 2020 project Do You Miss Me, which boasted tracks like Peso! and Did You Know, the top performing track from the album. This 9-track project clocks in at just under 20 minutes and gives us the first real glimpse of what ALEX is capable of when it comes to putting music together in an album-like setting. Giving a mix of emotional and vulnerable cuts while being able to turn up the energy at the switch of a beat, ALEX shows great promise and I am confident that he will only further grow and develop his style.

Be sure to stream the latest song sorry from the Chicago-based rapper MISSMEALEX and check out his most recent album Do You Miss Me.

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