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Ericdoa Mixes Multiple Fan Favorite Genres to Make “Coa”

Neilaworld affiliate “Ericdoa” is an 18 year old artist, singer & producer from New England, Connecticut. He specializes in just about every genre making a name as one of the more versatile artists in the underground scene. He recently dropped his latest project “COA” this month which includes many popular features that boosts its allure. Going for more of an electric pop influence on this project Eric blends many of the fan favorite sounds with a new age hyper-pop sound.

For instance he teams up with breakout artist “Brakence” to create “thingsudo2me”. Both artists deliver a sound that we’ve grown to love in 2020.

Quoted in a Genius article saying “I am taking everything that has been going on and turning it into exactly what I’ve always wanted to make, what I’ve always wanted to do. I am just trying to release the best music I’ve ever made and could possibly make.”

We believe “Ericdoa” is doing just that paving his own lane inside his own genre. Creating a space that has yet to be filled. That’s what makes his music so tasteful is that nobody has mastered this new groundbreaking genre like he has. If you’re a new fan or old fan of “Ericdoa” this project is exactly what you’ve loved most about him and his music.

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