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A Delve Into David Shawty’s Morbid Mind in the Video for “Evil Plans”

David Shawty joins professional sound maker 16yrold to create “Evil Plans”. The video is a fast-paced rollercoaster that takes you through David’s morbid mind. The visuals were captured by up and coming videographer DotComNirvan. He shows just how nuts David is with his quick motion camera movement. The lighting and camera movement locked my eyes to the screen. DotComNirvan’s innovative editing style is for sure sticking around. 

David delivers a hyper pop style flow we have been seeing in the underground. His vocals are in no way similar to other artists, he is experimenting with a new sound! There is no doubt that he isn’t onto something with those vocals. David’s style and the brilliant creative mind of DotComNirvan both complement each other in this energetic video. There is no stopping David’s developing sound. For listeners wanting to escape reality, this is a must listen!

written by Eric Duwel

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