Glaive and Overcast Create Gold With “Pissed” Music Video

From the genius mind of Daniel Jordan K and the team at Overcast have teamed up with rising star Glaive for his new music video for “Pissed“. The scene starts off with a lush green forest and pans to Glaive and his friends dressed in animal onesies. I never thought i’d want to see 3 teenagers jumping around in a forest but when Glaive is making music as good as he is and Daniel Jordan K is directing it its something I need to see. The video continues and follows Glaive and the two friends on the hunt for food which leads into my favorite shot of Glaive going crazy and bringing energy while in a trash bin. The next scene bring the same high energy while looking for food after breaking and entering and dancing in the kitchen. The color should also be noted as everything outside of the house is perfectly over saturated and the inside of the house is a bright red but not so much it’s an eye sore. Throughout the whole video Glaive and friends had essentially a hyper pop dance party in the woods dressed as animals and if that isn’t a perfect video then I don’t know what is.

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