Steven Moses “99” – Album Review

If I had to choose one word to describe 99 by Steven Moses, I would choose this word: nostalgic. Throughout the album we hear Moses discuss his issues with his view of himself, drugs, money, and his constantly changing relationships. The album is one that can be easily played as music to vibe too, while also being useful in moments of self-reflection for the listener. However, the reason I choose the word nostalgic to describe this album is because of the way Moses ponders how he’s changed throughout his life. His own self-reflection is a bridge which allows the listener to evaluate and compare how he’s changed in his or her own life. With 12 tracks, there was never a point in the album in which I was bored. Every track offered something unique, while still playing into a common, yet refreshing, guitar driven sound. Nothing less of what I expected, 99 by Steven Moses absolutely lived up to expectations.

To get into some of the most memorable tracks, the album begins with Lose it, an exceptionally self-reflective song where he looks at where he thought he would be in life, compared to where he actually is. Continuing through the album, another stand-out track would be Sober Up. I’ll let Moses speak for himself on this one,

“I don’t know if I am ever gonna find love
If I had to pick I’d probably pick the drugs.”

Moses brings another hit with Lie to You. Moses switches things up with an old school, boom-bap feel to the album. Still keeping with the guitar driven theme, you can hear strums in the background, in a unique medley of boom-bap drums and guitar. The final track, Twenty Years (feat. diveliner), ended thealbum in a well rounded manner, capping off the self-reflection with some insight at his own inner agony

Overall, 99 by Steven Moses was a very wholesome album with plenty of replay value. The tracks are simple, yet profound. Easy to digest, yet complicate to unfold entirely. Without a doubt, this is a great project that has something for everybody within. Listen to 99 by Steven Moses on Spotify by clicking here.

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