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34Corine – TiaCorine / Music Review

South Coast Music Group artist drops a 8 song statement I don’t even feel right calling this a project a statement seems way more fitting to me. From the cover art to the song Forever” I automatically can see where her influences stem from , fast pace auto-tune like rap with a melody driven undertones. Kaash Paige meets Lil Yachty and they had a baby , not taking away from her talent at all by saying that just stating what I initially hear when I press play on this project “34Corine”. Favorite song off project has to be “30” at even only a minute and twenty-seconds it gave me everything I needed and set the tone for me on the project , upbeat bass knocking in the whip vibes off the rip. Coming in close second to that song I love the CardoGotWings produced song titled “34Faucet” , production wise it did it’s thing had that iconic Atlanta strip club bounce to it and TiaCorine floated on the beat so effortlessly and I enjoyed every second of it. Every beat on this project automatically caused me to start to rock side to side , vibes on top of vibes on this project. The Sonny Digital produced record called “Mine” , brings that braggadocios essence that was needed for this project , sometimes you need that song that you play while you showing out and feeling yourself wherever your at that song did that for me ; and I know if I was a female this is what I’m playing on my way to the club , out with my friends , or getting ready doing a fresh face of make up.

The samples / voice notes placed in between as fillers set a anime like presence almost like I was going through episodes on crunchy roll and just binge watching an entire anime series I loved it. The Dragonball Z one was my favorite though to be honest , nonetheless I enjoyed the concept that she went for and what we she accomplished with doing it.

“34Corine” Out Now on all major streaming platforms go give it a listen and find your favorite ASAP

Tia Corine – Batman

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