CityBoy Creates the Perfect Blend of Rap And Digicore

CityBoy is a special type of artist where they seem to seamlessly blend two separate genres of music. Hailing from Washington D.C. CityBoy started his career in 2014 with heavy auto tune. Where his career really picked up was in 2018 after his popular release of “When Doves Kry” and a solid release of music honing his signature sound. On his latest EP “Anguish 2” he impressively mixes his Lil Tracy type voice with a Shinigami type beat and flow. One of his most heaviest influences would be Black Kray being both a fan and an early collaborator.

Overall CityBoy’s music is fun and a great vibe to get hype with people. His Tracks are fast and bubbly especially on ”Anguish 2”. Fans of rap as well as Digicore type beats would really resonate with his beautiful mix of the two. With a solid flow of music coming in there’s never a need to wish for more, CityBoy Has got you covered on all platforms.

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