Underground heavyweight RonSoCold releases new self-titled album

RonSoCold is a Southern rapper hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is currently building his brand through jumpy energetic vocal melodies over sonically contrasting beats, not to mention great marketing (Signed to Alamo records). This includes his flashy yet cryptic instagram, containing 10 posts, four of which are artwork preluding his self titled album. The project leads with an at first mellow string beat on the song “Grandma”. He starts by expressing his feelings on the newly found spotlight and explaining that to his Grandmother. This first line of the hook says it all “I’m a star Grandma! Everybody love YOUR GRANDSON! When I ain’t have no racks I was stealing shit from Pac-sun.” Hard to imagine the feeling that gave her. The beat does a great job backing up his soothing vocals by not doing too much but by no means being an after thought. The second song immediately  switches into an upbeat instrumental with small horns to carry the melody. Ron’s high pitched voice brings a unique twist to the 808 heavy beats, easy to see his appeal on the 2nd song “AUDI”. 

Throughout the rest of the the project Ron showcases his vocal skills consistently. He jumps up in between the beat to hit when the beat doesn’t. It could be very easy to draw a YNW Melly comparison. On the other hand, Ron is so good at rapping his melodies. He throws in spots of singing on songs like “Die Trying” around the 1 minute 30 mark but his real shine is his hard talking over 808s with a whisky autotune as also seen on the song “Die Trying” where he speaks to the listener about his life in the streets and some personal problems. Throughout the project Ron showcases why he can easily be a household name with the right work ethic. Not to mention the otherworldly production by the elusive Richie Souf, who is a folktale around the music industry having produced for legendary artists such as iLoveMakkonnen, Kevin Gates, Yo Gotti, Chris Brown & THE Future Hendrix! Do Not! and I repeat Do Not! Sleep on the importance of even a co sign from someone like Richie Souf, let alone production on multiple songs. (As I am writing this, Ron posted on his IG that the project has already done over 100k total streams in an hour. CRAZY! ) The other producer highlights include Lil Tecca, Nick Mira & Jetsonmade. A well rounded all star cast that failed to disappoint in RonSoCold’s commercial debut. We are anticipating Ron’s next move to say the least and we suggest you do the same.

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