California-based rapper Lil Capi releases debut project Don’t Worry About Me

Up until now, we have really only seen a few singles here and there from Lil Capi. Although they have had a big reach, as he tends to release his visuals via Adam22 and the No Jumper YouTube, the thing that wasn’t there yet was an EP or album of some kind. With the release of his anticipated project Don’t Worry About Me, we see a completely new side of him that we haven’t had a chance to get to know yet.

In my opinion, singles are a great way to keep one’s name relevant and to satisfy your fans’ cravings for new music. However, with that being said, when it comes to a full project there are more stories to be told and more emotion to be conveyed.

Don’t Worry About Me is a 10-track, 21 minute long project with a few familiar tracks like Myself and Changed, which both did numbers on YouTube and Spotify as well. Opening with the softer, acoustic-based instrumental of Sober Smile, Capi give us a relatable, almost nostalgic offering. Leading into one of the highlights being Want Me Back, which has a brand new music video that premiered on No Jumper.

Where I’m At, another highlight of the project, boasts a subtle yet crucial guitar sample that serves as the outro for the song. The title track Don’t Worry About Me, closes this project for Capi and he certainly seems to save his best cut for last. Although he claims not to want to burden anyone with his problems and insecurities as he doesn’t want anyone to “worry about [him],” his actions and subject matter with his lyrics say otherwise.

Lil Capi – Want Me Back (directed by Mason Luckiewicz)
via No Jumper YouTube

Be sure to stream Lil Capi’s newest offering, “Don’t Worry About Me,” out now available everywhere. Check out his newest music videos as well that are all over YouTube. Follow him on IG (@lilcapi) to keep up with all of his music and his growth through life.

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