Demxntia speaks on his start, Dying in the Cut, and more

Demxntia Interview with Grooverelly.

The newest authentic creative from Florida has been expanding the sounds of the state. Demxntia is an incomparable artist; his sound is one of a kind and is carving a wave of his own. He answered questions about his start in music, inspirations, Dying in the Cut, and more about his come up. He’s such a cool dude so it was great to get a chance to speak with him:

So how exactly did you get into making music?

Demxntia: My brothers used to always shop at a Sam Ash (a local music store) because they played guitar and everything. One day they got a free shitty keyboard so I just picked it up from them and started playing songs I liked by ear.

I’ve been playing since I was 5, I’m 19 now turning 20 in October. I started making music seriously when I was 17 though, a year after dropping out from high school.

A lifetime musician. Did you start only making beats on beat pads or did vocals go along with it?

Demxntia: I just started with making nujabes type beats on my old computer trying to figure out FL studio. Eventually, I started adding my vocals with it and layering, I produce and engineer everything myself.

I noticed all your songs are basically either produced by you or skress. Do you make all your own melodies or are you a fan of sampling?

Demxntia: Yeah I make all my own melodies via VST’s or just play it all on instruments. I sample sometimes, but I try to stay away from it. I know it’s a common thing in music, but it’s a lot more satisfying to do everything from scratch.

Totally agree, so you can say 100% of the song is you. Who’re some of your influences? Who did you listen to growing up?

Demxntia: I listened to pretty much a bit of everything. I remember my brother putting me on to Linkin Park when I was younger and they had a mix of hip hop, EDM and metal so those have always been my favorite elements alongside early R&B. I’d say my style is a combination of like video game soundtracks merged with alternative sounds and R&B

Bro, thats hilarious

Demxntia: I’m deadass gonna be the next Justin Timberlake on everything

I’m here for it! What is your collaboration process with other artists and producers. Seems like you tend to be super selective.

Demxntia: Honestly I’m extremely picky with my collabs. Everytime I make something I’d think would be fire with someone else I end up just coming up with something myself instead.

I work with mainly really close friends or someone I’m already a fan of music-wise. So everyone I’ve worked with is at least a homie to a degree to me.

Feel that, makes the music connect better

Demxntia: I have a collective called Dying In The Cut of about 14-15 members so chances are if I want a certain style on my song one of em mf’s can fill the spot for me instead of another rapper or singer.

I was just about to ask you about that. How did it come together and what’s it like having a team of musicians behind you like that? Essentially, what do yall provide for each other?

Demxntia: Initially we were all homies before even talking about music, it was Scum, Gertrude, Kaiyko and I. We had all clicked already on Skype and I brought up the fact that we should do a rap cypher for fun. Gertrude came up with the name “Dying In The Cut” as a burner account to drop it on. Initially, it was all just to be for fun and a one time thing, but eventually we just got all of our mutual homies in and started taking it seriously; earlier this year starting with our song “ICY”.

Everyone in DITC sounds different and you can actually differentiate everyone from each other. We weren’t focused on who shared a similar sound, but who’d bring something new to the table which lead us to having everyone be from different genres.

I’m a big fan of a lot of people in the group. Seems like is just a huge, diverse group of fire musicians from all over trying to make it in the Underground

Demxntia: Basically. Our new member Sinxi is from the UK, Leorinda is from Canada, and everyone else is pretty much spread across the states. Before we add a new member regardless of how talented they are with music. We have to be able to click with their personality type. There’s no point in having someone who’s fire but isn’t compatible.

Yeah, absolutely. Gotta have everyone on board when a new body enters the group

So I know you live in Florida, how is thatt? and do you plan on staying there for a while?

Demxntia: Yeah Florida is home. I’m from Tampa, I’ve lived pretty much all over central Florida growing up. I initially was gonna move to Dallas, but something came up with my family, so I had to take care of them first instead of moving. I feel like one day I’ll probably move out of state, but for now I’m just chillin, helping out my parents with bills and all that.

I gotchu, your a good ass dude for being there for your fam like that. Any upcoming releases to keep an eye out for?

Demxntia: Yeah, I’m dropping a 7-track project soon. I also have some shows coming up, so I’m pretty excited for everything.

Hell ya need that project, know it’ll go crazy. Anything else you wanna add?

Demxntia: Stop trying to sound like Bladee and Carti you mfs the clone wars of 2019 LMFAO

This dude has so much talent and has such an original sound. Because of this, I definitely see him becoming a huge artist. His imagine and fan interaction are both on point as well. He’s living his artistic career exactly how he wants, and it’s working for him. And with his group Dying in the Cut, I can’t wait to see whats next for them, as I am a huge fan of many of the artists in the group. The group as a whole is going to be around for a while and stay extremely relevant. Demxntia is a great person to have leading the way. Thank you to him for speaking with me and I am ready for some more music!

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