Steele 11 recently dropped the hit, “DOUBLE C’s”

Steele 11 dropped his new single "Double C's" on soundcloud. (produced by Darkboy)

Saying that a song is, “such a vibe” is often overused. When I listen to, “DOUBLE C’s”, its honestly the perfect way to describe it. Steele 11 has the vibe and knows how to perfectly structure his songs with catchy lyrics. I have had this song constantly on repeat since it dropped so make sure to give Steele some love.

Steele 11 comes in so hard after the intro of the song. “Shawty thick as hell, she can’t fit in her jeans”. Steele opens up the chorus with such a hard catchy bar. I have been saying it in my head all the time since the song dropped two weeks ago. The chorus is perfectly mastered with bars and memorable lyrics. The verse is fire as well. Some of Steele’s lyrics are a bit basic, but that they totally fit under the party style music he is going for. This is what makes him so good at nailing a chorus and he did it again on this one.

The beat was produced by Darkboy. It has an awesome melody that has a great way of building up the beat so the drops sound incredible. His 808s are spaced out, but hit heavy so Steele has tons of room to say whatever it is he needs to tell his audience. Darkboy killed it when he whipped this one together.

This song is absolute fire so make sure and check it out. Steele 11 has a big future ahead of him. His progress from a year ago is so much better and I am really to see where he’ll be a year from now.


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