Convolk Promised and Delivered Dropping His Album, Worried Sick

Convolk the rapper from Calornia and Russia just droppped his album, Worried Sick.

Convolk tweeted multiple times about how his fans were going to love this project. He used all of his styles throughout the album to give every type of Convolk fan a new favorite song. I had high hopes for this album and Convolk delivered. He filled it with bangers, passion, and pain. His listeners feel emotion through his music and I am so happy to have this new album on repeat.

The album open up to about 20 seconds of Convolk “meowing”. Yes, I just said “Meowing”; like a cat. The song, “Worried”, prod. By Tsurreal, is the first song on the album. The rest of the track is a total vibe, so I’m not entirely sure what Convolk was going for.  I bet he was just having a good ass time in the stu and threw it in there because why not. Either way it grabs your attention and they song is super dope.

The next two songs are both upbeat head bangers. “Just Another Day” prod. Kashi is one of my favorites on the tape and the song after, “Dying Young”, is prod. by the Convolk frequent Jakkyboi, so you know it’ll by a hit.

However after all these songs, the very last is titled, “Sasha Killed Himself” (prod. By Dj Khaled’s Son). The song’s title is already super powerful mentioning suicide, but the even more powerful thing is that Convolk’s real name is Alex which is Sasha in Russian. Convolk illustrates his Russian background and his struggle with depression, some of the biggest influences in his daily life. Convolk raps back and forth from Russian to English in the verse and throughout the song. While the normal American can only understand part of the lyrics, the listener can feel the emotions through his delivery. Prayers up for Convolk and anyone else who struggles with depression to any extent.

Thank you so much Convolk for opening up and spilling out his emotions for listeners to relate too. His openness about the pain he deals with is so meaningful for others to relate to and know they are not alone. Convolk and his music continue to amaze me and I really see him being a musician people listen to for the rest of their lives.

Track List:

  1. Worried sick (prod. Tsurreal)
  2. Just another day (prod. Kashi)
  3. Dying Young (prod. Jakkyboi)
  4. Anxiety! (prod. Van Beats)
  5. Get Lost (prod. Born Hero)
  6. Thom york but worse (prod. Shinra)
  7. Sasha killed himself (prod. Dj Khaled’s Son)

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