Killval teams up with Nick Mira for his new track, “Catch Her”

Nick Mira works with his new underground artist Killval. The team drops the new single, Catch Her.

Internet Money has been teaming up their talented producers with young, undiscovered rappers frequently. Another artist they have been working with has just appeared on the scene. They have been dropping bangers for a few months, however he has not seen any real recognition.

Killval just released his fifth single titled, “Catch Her” (produced by Nick Mira). All five of his songs on soundcloud are produced by Nick Mira so it is safe to say he has been working closely with the platinum producer. 

The beat has a traditional Nick Mira melody, matched with hard 808s that go along with the bass of the main sample. Killval uses a very unique style of delivery. Sometimes, his lyrics come out delayed, and his enunciations change on the lines based on what he is saying. 

The track is full of sad, upbeat vibes nick is known to attach himself with. The cartoon cover art of a slightly emo rockstar is super dope. There is a crazy night sky, purple background with teddy bears and a cross. 

Killval is going to continue to progress with his exposure through Internet Money and Nick Mira. His style is matches the record labels’ other artists so it only makes sense he works with their talented team.

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