Baku Opens Up on his New Track “Loving You”

Baku – who released his most recent project “Forgotten Worldwide” in collaboration with artist and producer Foreign Hype just over a month ago – is an artist that has built his discography up to a high stature through a substantial amount of progressing offerings. His newest single “Loving You” serves as the culmination of that fact in full.

Though his music has stuck to what has felt like a specific niche nestled right in between Pop Punk and Hip Hop, this release caters towards his more soft and emotional side. 

When asked about the inspiration for the song, Baku is on record as saying, “I was sitting in my car in the mountains waiting for the pass to open up so I could drive home, (so) I wrote this while thinking about someone I really care for and how I’m afraid to lose them.” 

Aside correspondingly sincere and aetherial production from Nate2timez, his expressed sentiment is translated in strides through his heartfelt vocal delivery. He seamlessly mixes bars that range from direct statements such as “NASCAR flying down the freeway, nice bitch give me hella love and some leeway,” with beautifully heart wrenching lines about the fear of losing the ones you love — proving to show a level of dynamic talent even in the most unorthodox way. 

This track is as direct as it is emotionally provocative, and it is one that should not be overlooked in the grand scheme of Baku’s rising status.

Written by Nick Tahan

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