Convolk releases his anticipated new album Swan Dive

It’s been a few months since his monumental release of Lone Wolf, a compact 5-track effort that featured heavy production from producer Jakkyboí, among others. Recorded for the most part in a single day, that project was a great addition to Convolk’s discography. While he seemed to write about his past, his insecurities, and his uncertainty about his future, his newest offering Swan Dive is a much more confident and in-your-face record.

Releasing some of his best and most confident music to date, Convolk opens the album with the title track, Swam Dive. Enlisting Skress of Neilaworld on the production for the opening song, he pours his soul out in the booth on this and on the album as a whole. You.Wont.Do.Shit is an aggressive and gritty offering that has been out for a few months now but that takes on a whole new meaning in the context of the album. He uses his music to release all of his frustrations and aggression and it adds another great layer to the album.

Albatross is a track that is as confident as it is vulnerable. Convolk puts a lot out on the table with this song as he destroys any boxes in which critics try to put him. Dispelling any assumptions that he might just be another Lil Peep or another XXXtentacion, he says in the best way possible that he isn’t the “next best,” but the “best me.” He seems to aim to embody all the hurt that he feels and portray that in the best way he can for all of his listeners who might not have the means or the voice to do so. Displaying everything that makes him unique as an artist, he asserts himself with the line:

“I’m Convolk, who the fuck are you?”

The ending track to this project is the most aggressive and perplexing effort on the entire project. Puzzlingly titled When Ur Pizza Rolls R Done, and sampling a popular Vine from back in the day in the intro to this track, he really vents his anger. Connecting with Van Beats for this heavy metal instrumental, he appears seriously unafraid to cross lines between genres that haven’t really been crossed all that much.

With Swan Dive, Convolk keeps applying pressure in both the underground and industry. An incredibly well made album, it racked up 400,000 streams on Spotify alone on the first day. Obviously being well received by fans and new listeners alike, Convolk continues to assert himself as one of the most dynamic musicians in the scene. Creating some of the best melodic/alternative 808 music, he solidifies his spot as a pioneer in this new wave of music.

Be sure to check out Swan Dive from Convolk, out now available everywhere. This project is an incredible work of art and it’s clear that everyone involved performed at their best.

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