Nick Prosper keeps momentum going with new music and visuals for Everything Sucks

Continuing his stream of constantly releasing new music and music videos for the early part of this year, New York-based Nick Prosper is back with another one to add to the collection. Releasing Lie to Me on March 6th, where we saw a more raw side from Prosper as his words and sentiments portrayed a wide range of emotions.

Four days later he is back with more new content dropping the Everything Sucks music video via the “sad chill” YouTube platform. The visuals for this track are seemingly icy as the shots pan between a snowy landscape, Prosper alone in a bathroom, and the rapper flexing in a snow white Jeep with CA$HRINA sipping Hennessy.

Be sure to check out Lie to Me, out now on streaming platforms, and the new Everything Sucks music video. Keep an eye out for new music that is undoubtedly on its way.

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