Weiland connects with Ginseng and Hector Vae for new offering 2 AM

Tampa-based rapper and self proclaimed finesser Weiland has been gaining some serious momentum over the past few weeks. After making an appearance on Lil Raven’s new album Back from the Future 7, he is back with another new track 2 AM. This bouncy and melodic track from Weiland plays off his classic style that we have come to expect, but there is something about his deliveries that screams maturation and progression musically.

Separating himself from his peers more and more with each release, it won’t be long before Weiland is noted on a national level. Streams across all platforms are booming and with all the new music that he keeps releasing, they are only going to go up.

Check out the new track 2 AM from the Tampa rapper, and be on the lookout for new music to come later this year.

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