909Memphis releases new album Mixed Feelings

Virginia native and rapper 909Memphis is back with a new album, Mixed Feelings. Providing a very introspective and vulnerable offering with this project, he recruits a star-studded field of features to help tell his stories and share their styles. Enlisting names like ITSOKTOCRY, Nick Prosper, Tommy Ice, Reddish Blu, and Cash Bently, 909Memphis uses his peers to carry his melodic style and to add a little something extra to the album as a whole.

The London-born rapper is never afraid to let his music transcend the traditional genre lines. Often crossing between a bass-heavy, melodic hip-hop and airy pop production, 909memphis seamlessly jumps from genre to genre. Gaining traction from several big music videos such as Pure Spirit, Top Off which released via Elevator, and Forfeit which released via Astari, his first full-length project Mixed Feelings shows a more complete look inside his mind and life.

Be sure to check out the new album from 909memphis Mixed Feelings, out now, available everywhere. I had the opportunity to travel to his place in Virginia where we discussed the new album, managing expectations from others, some future music and projects that he has in the works, and much more. Be on the look out for the full video interview coming very soon.

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