Denver native ITSOKTOCRY talks editing new JIRACHI music video

Dropping videos that amassed millions of views and releasing projects that explore completely different sounds, ITSOKTOCRY has never been one to allow the opinions of others cloud his creative vision. The Denver native frequents the borders of the dark and obscure, while at the same time bringing a light and vibrant energy to his music. When looking back at his discography, each project and single is different than the one before.

Still working on new music, ITSOKTOCRY has even found time to start shooting and editing his own visuals. With the release of his new JIRACHI music video, we truly get a glimpse into his mind. Released via the Astari YouTube on January 24, it has already been viewed over 130,000 times. The eerie visual over the three minute song provides the perfect narrative to accompany the track.

Video via Astari

David: I wanted to start with asking about when you even started editing and shooting your own stuff?

ITSOKTOCRY: “I started a little over a year and a half ago. I just got tired of waiting like months for someone else to edit and shoot them.”

David: With the shots on JIRACHI, the shots and quick edits really reflected the style of music that you do I felt. Was that your intention?

ITSOKTOCRY: “I edited the video so it looks as intended for sure.”

David: I was also wondering if you could speak on the way that you seem unafraid to experiment with new sounds and really push those new sounds.

ITSOKTOCRY: “I just honestly get bored of doing the same thing. It’s like if I was drawing a picture I’m not gonna draw the same picture the same way over and over again. I’d rather draw something new and different every time.”

David: So right now JIRACHI is sitting at about 130k on YouTube, you have definitely developed a pretty large, sort of cult fan base. Do you feel any sort of pressure from that before the release of something new?

ITSOKTOCRY: “Sometimes …… Sometimes I get like stuck in my head and bug out on what the people wanna hear but most of the time I don’t really care. I just gotta do things my way on my time or it adds too much stress and takes the fun out of it.”

Artwork by Guru Steeze

David: When you think about what the people want to hear, do you find that that clouds your creative direction or has it sometimes guided into a cool sound that you wouldn’t have made or thought of?

ITSOKTOCRY: “Yeah when I worry too much about what other people want it definitely clouds my creative direction. I just got to go my gut feeling.”

Be sure to check out ITSOKTOCRY’s new JIRACHI music video as well as other Denver native SUPERLOVE’s GREEN MONSTER video that he shot and edited. Releasing PASTELGORE back in March of 2018, there is sure to be new music coming very soon.

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