Nick Prosper talks Down music video and new single Cruel World

Just shy of two month out from his newest project Feel Free, NY-based rapper Nick Prosper is back with brand new music with Cruel World. Showing listeners a part of his softer side of his music, the mellow flows from Prosper echoes the soft, yet clean, production from Boy Floss. The pair have made so much music together over the past few years, and again on this track, their chemistry is even more evident with each project they release together.

David: You put out music with BOY FLOSS more often than not, right? When did you link with him?

Nick Prosper: “I’ve been putting out music wit him a few years now! Prob 2016 Gonna start branching to new producers this year to play with new sounds.”

In the wake of his last project, it seems that Nick Prosper has no plans on stopping the release of new content. Just a few weeks back he dropped a new visual for the song Down, which appeared on Feel Free as well. Directed and shot by CA$HRINA, the very personal video is a great addition to the feel and reception of the track over all.

David: I really enjoyed the Down video, I liked how it sort of mirrored the sentiments of the lyrics. You were the only focus of the visual to kind of echo the lyric “Where was you when I was down.” Was that your intention?

Nick Prosper: “Hit it right on the head. Yeah, I tried to make that one super personal so the viewer could only hear the words instead of focusing on a million things.”

Currently, Cruel World is only available for streaming on Sound Cloud, however it should be on all streaming platforms very soon! Be sure to be on the lookout for Nick Prosper’s newest music as he has always been one to keep new music dropping regularly.

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