Indiana rapper/singer Natalie Graham got it "In The Night"

Fresh off the release of her new single In The Night (Prod. By BenihanaBoi), which dropped on November 7th, we had the opportunity to link with Indiana-based singer/rapper Natalie Graham. Already quite established in the underground, her work ethic is sure to set her apart from her peers in the industry.

After connecting with her engineer, BeMillz, back in her sophomore year of high school, the two of them haven’t stopped working on new music. Now 22, she told me that:

“The more we work, the more we will get out of this. Some days we go to the studio and nothing comes out of it, but it happens. Even though that can be the case sometimes, the fact that we are there and working at all is progress to me.”

Currently working on a new project, she is completely focused on recording and improving her music. She is “very particular” when it comes to her voice and her music and she doesn’t want to release anything until she is certain that it is the best it can be.

David: Can you tell me a little bit about your life and your upbringing in your hometown?

Natalie: “I grew up in New Albany, Indiana. My mom was a single mother to my brother and I. She showed me how to work for what I want and get myself to where I want to go. I went to New Albany High School and sophomore year I met my engineer BeMillz. I kind of just got by and made music every day.”

David: How did you get into making music?

Natalie: “I randomly started beating on desks with pencils and realized I had really good rhythm so I asked for a drum set. I got really good really quickly so I wanted something that would challenge me a little more. I asked for a guitar and not too long after I started singing and playing gigs all around town.”

David: Can you tell me a little about the process of making music for you? Where does your inspiration come from?

Natalie: “It is pretty simple. I smoke a little weed, listen to some music, catch a little vibe, and then I try and find a beat that I’m feeling. The hardest part about writing is getting the first lines going. Once I got it though, everything seems to flow together quickly.”

Starting to play music from a very young age, she has truly progressed throughout the years of playing and practicing. Whether she is rapping or singing, she utilizes all aspects of her voice to complete her sound as a whole. Gaining momentum with each single that she releases, we will be heavily anticipating this forthcoming project. When I asked her about the details of her new project she was a little vague, as to not give too much away just yet:

“We are starting to get really serious and don’t want it to be anything less than perfect. I’m very particular about my stuff nowadays and I like to be sure.”

Be sure to check out Natalie Graham’s full musical catalogue which can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and Sound Cloud.

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