Tampa rapper Marc the Prophet releases new heat "Saline Drip (prod. KATO)"

Growing up in the areas surrounding Tampa, a young rapper began to write rhymes and freestyle at a young age, subconsciously laying the groundwork for a talented artist to grow. Coming up on three years of seriously making music and actively trying to spread his sounds, Wesley Chapel, Florida rapper Marc the Prophet has been making moves since 2015. After being inspired by Joey BadA$$, he began to record and mix his own music as most people do, on Garage Band. Outgrowing his first real software for making music, he has since upgraded, and so too has his music.

The trunk-rattling, clunky instrumental paired with the fierce bars by the Prophet makes for an incredible new track titled Saline Drip (prod. KATO). Drawing inspiration from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, he is part of the current wave of aspiring musicians influenced heavily by the current greats – an incredible cycle that enhances the culture of hip-hop day by day and generation by generation, but I digress. Full of emotion and raw energy, the grit in his voice forces you to listen to his lyrics and captures the attention of everyone.

“I might blast, I might spazz.

Your life flash like that.

Lights out, its night now, bite back.

You n****s get so damn defensive but don’t fight back,

Someone step to you and your face is as white as a Sprite cap.”

Marc the Prophet is here to take what is his. Foot on gas, he is comfortable and confident in his abilities when in the booth. His deep voice and the hardest of bars give the Prophet a very interesting sound.

My life is like a motherfuckin’ sequel, I lived twice,

I died once to come back like 3 times

He is passing his peers and separating himself from the pack as not one to play with. This song has it all, a crazy instrumental provided by KATO, savage lyrics full of ferocious punchlines, and a timeless sound that feels unique. Putting his city on his back, this song is something that ought not be slept on. Take a look at his other works below and be sure to check out his newest song SALINE DRIP!

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