Texas rapper TRAPGOAT aims to put his city on the map

26 year-old rapper out of Rosenberg, TX, TRAPGOAT, came up from freestyling with his brother and cousins. After bringing a computer and a mic to the make-shift studio they were using, which was simply a closet, and hearing his voice on record for the first time, the rest was history. With his family around him, whom he refers to as his biggest source of inspiration, he began to hone in on his craft and improve his bars to record songs.

As TRAPGOAT has always been into fashion, when asked about his fashion inspirations he was more than happy to talk. “I used to be very materialistic in my young days and thought all about first impressions,” but the older and older he got he realized that “at the end of the day, you all you got.” There is no use in worrying about what everyone else thinks. Now you can catch him rocking “really old, vintage, retro, throwback hippy swag with the old vans.”

As you listen to his music, you can hear several references to smoking and drinking, but he tells me that while it does aid in the creative process, it is in no way necessary. For him he finds that after a few shots, he finds himself in a more aggressive state saying that “it put me in a raw, harsh state.” Naturally paired with a fresh rolled blunt, TRAPGOAT is ready to record more.

The oldest of three children with divorced parents, TRAPGOAT moved out on his own at the age of 18. With a mere two years of creating music under his belt, his voice on the track and presence in the booth reflect those of a rap veteran. Living in Houston now, he has clearly been out there working non-stop to improve and produce the best music he can. Rapping savage bars over a relatively relaxed trap beat on the song FLAME, he creates a vibe that is very unique. Having a great ear for what works well together musically, he approaches a track differently than any one of his peers. Showing his range, he opts for a more old-school type beat accompanied by an off-the-wall instrumental and an incredible flow on the track CUJO.

With goals of making a name for himself and his city, he aims to set himself apart from the fakes and the clout-chasers. Blowing past the competition with the rawness of his verses and stories in the booth, TRAPGOAT is truly in a lane of his own. Swerving the lames and “sad crabs in a bucket,” as he calls them, he is carving out his own path as he works his way up from the underground. Collecting listens on SoundCloud and social media, he is grinding to rep for his city. His unmistakable style immediately draws you into his world and we can experience his environment via his verses.

Stressing the importance of having a unique voice with something to say, outside of vapid, ignorant lyrics. He credits Kendrick Lamar, Pimp C, and Z-RO as his favorite artists and biggest sources of inspiration in the industry. Using their voices, those three construct elaborate songs with almost cinematic story telling, he emulates the greats to help to perfect his own craft, while staying true to his roots at the same time. Sharing his world and his life with you, he raps about his aspirations on the song DON’T TRY:

“F–k being patient, I wanna be rich. Wanna have that nice car and not care for sh-t. Wanna have that nice house and throw parties and sh-t.”

However, a few tracks later on the KILLAH SZN KOMN project, he shows a softer side singing the very catchy hook on the song NOBODY:

“If nobody got you, I got you.”

Displaying his vocal range across the entire project, he effortlessly switches from hard trap beats with edgy lyrics, to soft, almost spacey instrumentals and great vocals. From savage bars to incredibly melodic instrumentals.

When in the studio, he admits that if the mood isn’t right, he cannot create his best work. Explaining his hesitation if the vibe isn’t right in the room, he says that the atmosphere must be correct before he can get on the mic. Although cautious and reserved when in the studio, expect him to set the booth ablaze when the mood is straight. The production that he utilizes mirrors the theme of the song as the beats perfectly set the scene for the stories that he paints on the track.

Rapping with intensity and skill, he stays working on new music with the LOST3 project currently in the works, telling me that listeners can expect “LOVE LOVE AND MORE LOVE.” Visuals for CUJO, NOBODY, and KSK are also in progress, dropping later this year and we look forward to covering those releases. Outside of rapping, TRAPGOAT is dabbling in clothing modeling and photography and hopes to add those to his list of creative endeavors.

Best of luck out here, we look forward to seeing how you progress and working with you in the future!

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