We had a chance to speak with BigBabyGucci about his new project Universe 2

Coming off of an incredible year, North Carolina-based rapper BigBabyGucci is starting 2019 with the release of Universe 2. The long awaited project is a 10 track, 27 minute compilation of tracks that range in style and delivery. Gucci has never been one to shy away from artistic creativity and with U2, he captured a variety of moods and displayed his versatility as a musician.

With great tracks such as Lose My Mind Prod. Harold Harper, Mark Of The Beast Prod. AztroBoy, and BAD Prod. Harold Harper & Halfway, the project as a whole shows his creativity perfectly. The first of several projects that BigBabyGucci plans on dropping this year, he definitely delivered with this effort. We had the chance to speak with Gucci about the project:

David: On Mass Appeal you said that with Gucci’s Universe you tried to base the project around things things that you grew up with, cartoons, etc. Can you speak on what Universe 2 means to you?

BigBabyGucci: “The whole Universe Series means a lot to me honestly, the first one I dropped was the first full project I dropped that was actually recorded and mixed on good equipment. And the first project I did with my Engineer Joe Dirt when I moved to Nashville.

U2 like most of my projects was a compiled songs over months and months honestly. That I probably recorded in less than 30 minutes each.”

David: There are several quotes from movies and famous historical figures scattered throughout the tape (Snow on the Bluff and Muhammad Ali come to mind immediately), what was the thought process behind the decision to add those?

BigBabyGucci: “As for the snippets in my music I choose those depending on song and what mood I want to stick wit that track. It just gives it a lil more life in my opinion.”

David: 2018 was a big year for you, releasing several projects and singles, and it already seems like 2019 is off to an incredible start. What can we expect from you moving forward? (If you care to speak on it of course)

BigBabyGucci: “Last year was very busy and up and down because of signing a deal and not being able to release. So the result of that was me recording nearly everyday all year when I could.

2019 ima be putting out two more projects and a lot more videos. Just laying out my foundation.”

David: What can you tell me about the artwork on the album (the Romance Isn’t Dead cover comes to mind as well)?

BigBabyGucci: “My mans NeptunePrince did the render I’ve been a fan of his art for awhile he’s going to be big. Gnardia did everything else, he just took the ideas I had and executed them correctly, he’s a great mind also.”

Be sure to check out Universe 2, out now on all streaming platforms.

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