ericdoa is back with “2008”

ericdoa is an artist that has been on everyone’s radar in the underground. He is apart of the new sound making waves, hyperpop. This sound and sub genre has been growing faster than honeysuckle in Ohio. Like it or not, ericdoa is having a moment and there is a generation of kids apart of it. Eric’s beat selection and his electronic sounding voice make him … Continue reading ericdoa is back with “2008”

Hojean releases soothing song “weekends”

Hojean is an artist that makes you feel completely tranquil. For those of you that haven’t heard of Hojean before, put yourself in your most peaceful place… maybe it’s on a beach or sitting next to a stream. Hojean’s vocals will consume you and fill you with that feeling when you are in your happy place. His charisma and Instagram aesthetic sell’s his authenticity – … Continue reading Hojean releases soothing song “weekends”

Rain or shine you’ve seen SANDRO on your for you page

SANDRO is one of those artists you hear for the first time and immediately fall in love with. His heartfelt vocals and affectionate lyrics drew me in. I found SANDRO while I was sifting through TikTok and went straight through all his videos. He is able to show off his music and tell his own personal narrative through his TikTok. His music has been growing … Continue reading Rain or shine you’ve seen SANDRO on your for you page

Chicago native MISSMEALEX releases an apologetic single with sorry

Chicago native MISSMEALEX is back with an apologetic new single sorry. On this song, ALEX attempts to be open and vulnerable with a mix of singing and crooning over an acoustic guitar-laced instrumental. I very much enjoy the airy feeling that this instrumental gives and it plays well with his vocal performance. His chorus sounds of someone stuck in a post-relationship setting, longing for his … Continue reading Chicago native MISSMEALEX releases an apologetic single with sorry

The Nostalgia of Coop’s New Single,Curfew

Coop’s latest offering, Curfew, is a powerful effort to help us to envision our younger years. The prince of nostalgia has returned with an anthem of sentimentality that paints his emotions as if they were your own. Tender guitar melodies set the mood as Coop’s recognizable distortion-doting vocal chain emerges. As always, Coop emphasizes his melodic hooks and captivates us with his dramatic, love-spell lyricism … Continue reading The Nostalgia of Coop’s New Single,Curfew