$NOT Is Getting His ‘Revenge’ with Cole Bennett

2020 has clearly not been everyone’s (or most people’s) year like we all thought at New Years, but for Florida-based rapper $NOT, it is definitely one for the books. On September 24th, the world was given access to the first (hopefully, of many) collaboration between $NOT and Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade. Sal Tarantino, the executive producer of the video, says “this is a project … Continue reading $NOT Is Getting His ‘Revenge’ with Cole Bennett

Surf “Ha Ha” Official Music Video Release

In December 2019, Grooverelly teamed up with Atlanta-based artist Surf to release the the Planet Surf album, which featured the hit song, Ha Ha. 9 months later, Surf took to the city to film a music video for it. Shot by Vanity, unique visuals that line up with the content that Surf speaks on were brought into the picture, literally. You can see multiple locations, … Continue reading Surf “Ha Ha” Official Music Video Release

Champ T Releases New Single “platinum”

Champ T has released a plethora of singles since April 2020, and is continuing this process with his latest song, platinum. On platinum, Champ T shows off his astonishing vocal ability, with a presence in his voice that is gentle, yet distinct. The production on the song is fantastic. There is just the right amount of movement in the drums to create subtle energy, while … Continue reading Champ T Releases New Single “platinum”

A Foray into R&B with BIGBABYGUCCI

BIGBABYGUCCI is no stranger to experimenting with looked over sounds in the trap scene, and Bad for My Health is no exception. GUCCI has been incorporating what one might call digital/retro sounds into his music lately, and this song is an excellent showcase of his ability to do so. With simple yet striking lyrics, GUCCI uses Bad for My Health to speak on his current … Continue reading A Foray into R&B with BIGBABYGUCCI

JAYJ Hits New Highs with “Brand New”

“Bitch, I’m brand new! Yeah, I’m feeling myself! Got my baby wrapped in Prada, BB Simon on the belt,” sings JAYJ on the hook of his latest song, Brand New. This song is an excellent representation of JAYJ’s signature style of melodic highs mixed with crisp production. His vocals glide over the main melody of the beat, while still maintaining an energy that is almost asking you … Continue reading JAYJ Hits New Highs with “Brand New”