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TOP 5 Singles (SO FAR) 2022 – Artists to Watch

Music Taste, it is similar to our taste in food. For instance, some folks dislike bleu cheese and calamari but love Brussels sprouts and pork chops – I am the opposite of the ladder. Now on to unique music – the Peeps that really need your attention right now (a lil Easter joke). The first 4 months of the year 2022 did not disappoint. From Ukraine to a Will Smith Slap, we have also experienced unique musical releases. I truly think we are transitioning through a period of audio creation that numbers do not necessarily mean or translate to talent. It is easy to bypass hidden gems with the constant influx of new music and life in general. Most of our music discovery begins as a teen and ends as a young adult – around age 25 we quit seeking out new artists and stick to our discovery phase (my personal findings as a University of Colorado Student studying the music industry and business).


Now I will begin to inform you of the TOP 5 Single Releases (SO FAR) in 2022 that I have found to be personally profound (releases January 1 to April 1 2022 only). Make sure you add all five to your respective playlists. These artists will steadily grow throughout the year, there is no stopping them! I bet you haven’t heard of all of them!

Each artist name links to their official Instagram. Song Titles the specific track via Spotify.

5. Blue OtisLove Talk City

A former basketball player turned indie artist from Amsterdam (NL), “Blue Otis” got my attention from tapping into the release radar on Spotify successfully with his big single “Love Talk City” – a foot tapping tune about a past toxic relationship. Honestly, this track, in tandem with the semi-recent addition of ‘blue’ to his name, go to show that you can re-adjust your act and gain newfound traction!

“Shattered glass – that’s just what happens when we argue yea it’s hit or miss”

4. $teven Cannon, PaysoXANz

Cincinnati’s finest rap talent and underground rap’s guru “$teven Cannon” has been on a roll collaborating with EDM influences when it comes to his instrumentals. “XANz” is my pick because it is more of a single, however be sure to peep “TIKTOK” and “Faded” for the same hypnotic effect. He carefully selects speaker-busting lyrics that is the perfect blend of rap and in your face dubsteppiness. Payso delivers with exceptional production adding to the replay value.

“Get your sh!t together – play that beat and move yo’ body”

3. ShowjoeHunter x Hunter

This Virginia artist has quuuuuuuuuite the catalog. “Hunter x Hunter” appeared across my Instagram story feed one day – advertising the music video dropping. I was pleasantly surprised, the true surprise being that I had never heard of “Showjoe.” This artist instantaneously worked their way into my daily routine. I have extremely high hopes for this artist. I predict he will either tour with 2016 or 2017 XXL Freshman greats, or, become a Freshman himself in a short amount of time!

“Diamonds on my wrist and they glisten – different colors”

2. Coi LerayAnxiety

Speaking of XXL Freshmen – “Coi Leray” just dropped her album “Trendsetter.” A few singles teased that this could be a true banger, and for a debut album it delivered. “Blick Blick” featuring the legendary “Nicki Minaj” got an enormous commercial embrace. But we cannot forget about her perfectly produced single “Anxiety” that is somewhat of an anthem for those suffering from the crippling mental anguish. She has fully separated herself from the rest of the pack of fresh new female artists out to date. She gracefully combines RnB, Rap and Pop like Neapolitan ice cream.

“It don’t matter how I do it – they gon’ love or hate it”

1… hoeplessoverreacting

Did you go through an “Emo Phase?” Well, I did, and this Oregon artist sends me down memory lane with a touch of the new-age robotic glitches that I loved in the recent hyperpop and digicore eras. No stranger to Grooverelly coverage and experimental music – “hoepless” ushers in futuristic emo vibes but doesn’t label anything he creates. His music is for those going through difficulties, letting them know they are not alone out there in this crazy world. His single “overreacting” has to be the number one ear-catching song I have on repeat. Those lyrics really speak to hoepless’s one-of-a-kind relatability as a writer. “heart attack!” featuring Safe Sin is another must listen – growing in plays daily due to his organic marketing.

“When I get mad sometimes – I tend to do a little overreacting”   

Yes – we all have opinions – If you agree or disagree please comment!

Also, who should I consider for my next article?? This will be one of three, then voting will occur! Playlist of the TOP 5 below.


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