Zzz. Drops Debut Music Video for “Another Day”

Zzz. drops his debut music video for “Another Day”. Being this young artist in the music game, Zzz. continues to prove himself with each release. Hearing him for the first time a few months ago it’s amazing to watch him bloom into a superstar. For this one he acknowledges the success that he’s had in the past year saying that he can party another day because right now he’s focussed on getting a bag and progressing to the next level. Many young artists are stuck between growing professionally or sticking to school and getting a degree, with this track it’s clear where Zzz.’s head is. 

For the video Adrian Verdult took control and absolutely killed it. Taking the song and giving it a visual story to follow, you are drawn in from start to finish. Putting in the time to come up with eye catching shots and simplistic yet appealing visuals that’s where this video separates itself from the rest. With that being said this is the first of many videos from Zzz., check it out now.

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