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Kill Jasper Interview

Kill Jasper born and raised from Los Angeles California , has been writing music since the young age of 6 years old and dropped out of high school around 10th grade to completely pursue his passion.Plan B or the easy way out has never ever crossed his mind . The music is he’s ever wanted to do , Music gave him a instant satisfaction that nothing else could provide to him as a child. Going through the hard knock life with 19 years of living under his belt , nothing else has guided and nurtured him through life as much as music.

Kill Jasper takes his misfortunes and makes a fortune into them through his music , music allows him to bring awareness and recognition to the things that go on around him in his daily life gave me a feeling as a child nothing else could, I’ve been through everything you could think of In my 19 years of living and nothing has helped me like music has ,music helped me turn my problems into fuel to become great and bring awareness to the things going on around me because there is someone somewhere going through the same thing feeling alone I’ve just worked my ass off to the point that there was just no stopping I had to get the results I wanted I put in my 10,000 hours and this is what’s coming of it. I have way to many dead friends ,relatives, and friends and family in jail to move the same I gotta be greater than that for more than just myself. I have a trophy I gotta bring back to where I came from.

Music growing up no matter where he was ,was always heavy in his household everyone family wise he has had in his life ; from big brothers to grandma’s to his dad was musically inclined somehow or some way. So being the youngest in the house you gain a lot of inspiration all the time , that really pushes you towards learning to become the same . But Kill Jasper stated ” the thing is that music always shifts and as you grow your taste and love for certain music grows as well so eventually I ventured out at a much younger age from surfing through the web anytime I could to find my own niche , which led me to the music I was heavily influenced by growing up through doing my own research and listening to the stuff my older brothers would play helped me find artists like Eminem , Meek Mill, Joey Badass , J Cole, Mac Miller, Tyler the Creator etc.”

He saw all of them from such a young age take over the world , building their own empires day by day some more than other and in different fashions. Never fearing the judgement from outsiders and society with still finding that pocket of acceptance showing kids like him to be yourself and appreciate life to the fullest. The hustle has to happen to reach your dreams and aspirations. Being alone could lead to depression or it could lead to confidence the choice is yours at the end of the day. Dark times and pressure creates diamonds Kill Jasper lives and works with this phrase constantly pounding into his subconscious and that’s driving him to be the greatest artist he can be.

Kill Jasper provides a little sneak peek to his upcoming work with future releases in store , He said during the interview , “Future releases you guys can definitely expect some hits, some big features and some crazy videos like my upcoming “Single Kill intro”, I usually go the melody route with some rap thrown in but I decided to really showcase my rap ability in this song for you guys so I hope y’all really enjoy this one it’s definitely one of my personal favorites Maybe a “Badmon Pt. 2?🤭 who knows ?”. He leaves us guessing for the future and I hope your ready for this young creative to burst out on the scene and make a huge impact.

Kill Jasper speaks on his recent release “Badmon” in further detail and gives a insight into his creative process , He states ; “The inspiration behind the song really just came from the heart, I was in a drought on good beats for a few days and my producer loaded me up with a beat pack and that was the first one I heard and I just knew it was the one haha I came up with the melody on the spot and me and my engineer got together later and brought it to life. The song really came from the heart. A lot of rap right now is just about what niggas have that you don’t but I wanted to really shed light on struggles we all face and put some motivation out for people going through things and really just showcase a quality while also leaving a message.”

We asked Kill Jasper how the Melvoni collaboration came to be and how those two got in the studio together , He said to us ; Days later Melvoni has flew out to LA to handle some business and we ended up linking before he flew back home and just vibed in a session and the song somehow came about and he just immediately knew he had to be a part of it he knew it was the song, it just had an energy to it”


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  1. BRO””” that interview was 🔥 fire.i appreciate Chu helping put My Son out there a Lil more than he already was,.he was Coming for y’all & now he’s here.The new album Drops on 6-_21?😜
    Hope y’all Ready

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