California-based lilspirit drops a compelling new offering

Born Geno Gitas, lilspirit gained a new fan  with his smash record droptopbitch to start off his LP titled american spirit. I was locked in and couldn’t believe my ears and what was coming from my speakers and to jump into the project  with a record like that with so much character. Then filling in the gaps, with the transitions with melodies and riffs I was stunned – and that’s just me being modest about his talent. Executively produced by Taz Taylor, “american spirit” gave me the edge I was looking for when listening to this new age of artists coming out in this decade.

The 19 year old artist and Internet Money Records signee sings with so much conviction in all of his songs especially ugly,” a self-produced single possessed so much soul expressed so much emotion in those 3 minutes and 5  seconds left me only wanting more. The Bay Area-native continued his hot streak on this project with tracks like nothing2prove,” naval,” and alien.” I’m just giving my personal favorites, probably coming off with a bias but once you listen you’ll see my point; you can’t help but go into a trance throughout the whole track list. Lilspirit has that sophisticated sound that still appeals to all age groups and to all walks of life , he makes it very apparent that he deals with insecurities or feeling ostracized but doesn’t allow it to hinder him as an artist; he embraces it and flourishes from it. A highly skilled writer and musician who spends countless hours in the studio, never ceases to raise the bar for his peers or himself. 

The love for making music is what drives lilspirit to keep making music, less thoughts and more feel is what he aspires to achieve in his discography. Nothing more you can ask for in an artist and an all around influencer of the youth, lilspirit has the potential to be a superstar and I would put money on it that in a year he will be provided the appropriate exposure and what have you, of course. Being a first time listener and now a fan, I have nothing but positive and great things to say about this young creative.

Go stream “American Spirit” , out now available everywhere.

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